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This is a functional geocoin that can be used to tell time at night. It can also be used to get your latitudinal deviation. The deviation scales can only be used in the Northern Hemisphere. It can only be used at night, and only when Polaris and one of the dippers is visible. The Planisphere can help you find the right stars to use. Also, when it is used along with the Quadrant, a more accurate latitude reading can be obtained. Both the Planisphere as well as the Qudrant geocoins can be found in the functional geocoin section on the left hand side of this page.

Early Mechanical Clocks were not accurate on ships. There was simply just too much movement when the ship rolled with the waves. Once a chronometer that could withstand the movement of the ship was invented, the nocturnal clock went the way of the dodo. It helped that newer times pieces could be easily massed produced. Still, it is fun to learn how to do things the old fashioned way. This coin is manufactured by Coins and pins, and instructions for its use can be found on its website.

Nocturnal Geocoins are available in both antique silver or antique bronze. They are trackable on the geocaching website and it has its own icon.

Nocturnal Geocoin - Antique Bronze Finish - New Geocoin Unactivated

Nocturnal Geocoin - Antique Bronze Finish - New Geocoin Unactivated

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