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Purple kv\'s  Purple Wizard Cacher PathTagWhat is a Geocoin? A Geocoin is a metal coin minted like a medallion or a military challenge coin. They are used exclusively in geocaching. While most are metal, some wooden geocoins are in caches as well.

The neat thing about geocoins is that many of them are trackable using a serial number and website address etched on the coin.  People can have personal geocoins made and use them as signature item bearing the geocacher's handle or name and their own unique design, similar to a heraldic device.
Celtic Peacock Geocoin: front and back
A lot of the geocoins made are often minted by caching clubs and used as fund raisers for events involving geocachers.They are sometimes placed in caches as signature items(cool swag!) to be found and kept by others, usually as a first to find prize.

Other geocoins are moved from cache to cache like a travel bug, some are traded, and some are sold to collectors.Trackable Geocaching.com geocoins are imprinted with unique codes and tracked via the geocaching.com website. Some trackable geocoins may not have been activated yet.

We feature ebay geocoins auctions so you can find that special geocoin.Take a look through our site and see if you find any geocoins that you might like to collect.

I am keeping a record of cool geocoins that I come across on my blog. If you are looking for ideas for geocoins to hunt for on either ebay or out in the wild, you can go to my http://www.coolgeocoins.com/blog
Celtic Sun Geocoin GoldBinary Mystery Coin

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